Miter Box vs Hand-cut Miters

We know that all houses and buildings are not created equal, so we do not use premade miter boxes. We delicately custom hand-cut every corner to guarantee ultimate protection against leaks. Hand-cut miters result in far fewer joints vs. a miter box- which means that the potential risk of leakage is greatly minimized. We pride […]

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit and fascia are important components of the structure of your home. Together, they keep water out and help ventilate the attic. If your soffit or fascia begin to rot or reveal signs of damage, it’s important that you contact a licensed roofer soon to prevent exposing your home to damaging weather conditions due to […]


🎊It’s a FREEBIE! πŸŽ‰No. 1 Exteriors offers a free, NO-obligation roof assessment. So the real question is, WHY NOT? 😌 πŸŒͺ Weather Damage β›ˆIt’s very important to have your roof inspected after a major storm that involved high winds, hail or flying debris. Damage from high winds or hail can be smaller and require a […]